5 Tips and Tricks To Attract Customers With Your Store Displays


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In the stories of modern retailers, it has now become a competition over how much a store can attract a customer. And it will be great if you can do that your store displays. Today we will share with you some tips… that will help you to attract more customers with the help of your store displays.

How Effective Is It To Attract Customers With Store Displays?

Today’s customers are very smart and fancy. However, they want good quality and unique product on their one hand. And on the other hand, they’re always hunting for a good user experience during buying. So, if you have a well-decorated store with some unique and eye-catchy displays… you’ll get a flow in your sales. They’ll not just come alone, but also will invite their friends and relatives to your store. We think you got your answer.

We’ll share tips on how you can attract customers with your in-store fixtures. But before that, a simple question for you. Does your store have good foot traffic? If not, then those tips will no longer work for you. That’s why we put some suggestions below.

Drive More Traffic In Your Store First

Sit with some goods and shout loudly to invite peoples is not work anymore. You’ve to do something different. This will set you apart from others. Here are some simple but coolest ways to attract customers’ attention outside of your store:

  • Use a well-designed window display. A window display encourages a customer for impulse sales.
  • Make your storefront nice and tidy. Decorate the gate and outside of your store with colorful balloons.
  • Use signs that point the direction of your store to passersby. Try to use it around where your store is.
  • Try putting up some interesting banners outside of your store… which will offer some promotions like “buy 2 get 1 free”.
  • Host some events, customer loyalty programs, giveaways. To clarify, tell people about your products and business.
  • Build partnerships with local businesses. Talk to customers like a friend. Build a good relationship with them.
  • Make your online presence. Firstly, built a website and offer services there. Secondly, set up Google My Business and get famous locally. In addition, try to boost your reach by ads and marketing.

From here you’re good to go because you’re getting a good amount of traffic to your store. Further, you can use your store displays to attract customers to generate more sales.

Tips To Attract Customers With Your Store Displays

Here we got some tricky and trendy ways. That’ll help you to grab your customers’ attention with your store fixtures.

Use Unique Design And Structured Displays

Using regular type displays is common nowadays. Move out old displays and try something different and crazy. This will apart you from your competitors. Customers like to see peculiar things in a store, and as a result, they love to visit this type of shop.

For Example, you can place a giant chef statue type display in the grocery section… a big shoe in the foot section will amaze your purchasers. Also, there are many types of modern-looking displays are available in the market. Those types of displays are rare to see in a store. You can easily get them from Aldrich Shop Fitting Products at an affordable price.

Print Fancy Finishes On Displays

Having unique and good looking displays is not enough to draw a customer’s attention. Certainly, it has to be more. Design is just the skull of a display but finish or printing makes it come alive. So, choose suitable finishes for each display that will make your customers say “WOW”.

You can decide to print Ben-10 or Doremon cartoons on the child section displays. Similarly, you can choose standard and flat finishes for man’s product display stands. From flat finishes to any object or even a sketch and pattern… Aldrich can print anything on your displays. You just have to choose and then relax.

Place Items On A Display Like A Package

Most of the retailers do is, they divide products by types. For example, the only earrings in one place, only top on one shelf, etc… We are not saying it’s a bad practice, it’s good. But try something exceptional. Product grouping depends on the same category, color scheme, design, etc… You can put a top, matching pants, and some jewelry on the human body display… or put a necklace, earrings, and bracelet as a set… etc…

Use different strategies for interest in every corner of your store. Many people are confused about mixing and matching items. You can do the job for them and make more sales.

Display Placing Strategy

You got some unique displays with attractive colors and items. Don’t make the mistake of placing the display in the wrong area. Placing the display in the right position is very important to attract customers by your displays. That is to say, try to put the displays in the high traffic areas. And don’t place POS displays where it belongs POP displays. If you don’t know the difference, you can check our article “Difference between POP and POP displays”.

Try to use window displays. These kinds of displays are trendy now. By window displays, it’s very easy to attract customers. Put some good displays and eye-catchy products that tell a story on the window.

Understand Light And Color Psychology

Decorate your store with lights and good colors. Recent research on customers’ behavior says that customers love to spend more time in a warmer lighted area. Appropriate lighting should help direct the shopper to places you want to highlight in the store.

In good light, your displays will shine more. In addition, you can also set some tiny lights on the display body to make it fancy.

Final Words

To sum up, these aren’t all the ways of how you can attract customers with your store displays. But it’ll be enough if you can implement all of our mentioned points. Moreover, good quality and unique displays are like a pride of a store. Try to use them in proper ways and they’ll help you to increase your revenue.

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