10 Regular Problems And Solutions Of POP Displays

Common quality issues of POP Displays

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It is better if you learn about the common problems of Point Of Purchase displays (POP) before you buy them. This can save you huge time, money, and effort. Here, we will discuss 10 regular problems with POP displays and will give you an all-in-one solution. Stay tuned.

What We Should Consider As a Good POP Display?

Only good looking is not good enough to be a decent display. When a display has all the acceptable qualities like having perfect and quality material, awesome finish, beautiful design, and strong architecture…  also looks good, we can call that a good POP display.

Most of the peoples doing mistakes while selecting display manufacturers or buying displays. They don’t know the common problems with POP displays. As a result, they suffer a lot in the future. We don’t want that to happen to you. This is why we made this helpful content for you.

Why Having Good Quality POP Display Is So Important?

Firstly, POP displays are not only held and promote the merchandise but also they are the reputation of your store. Having low-quality displays can easily break down the pride that you have grown for many years.

Secondly, POP displays are the only things that invite customers to interact with products. They work as a sales booster in your store. So, don’t compromise on their quality and always choose the best ones.

10 Regular Problems of POP Displays

Here are the basic problems of POP displays that are retailers facing day by day. Make sure that you are safe from these benchmarks. Also, your manufacturer assures the below points. Then, CONGRATULATIONS, you got a good quality display.


Some retailers refer to knock-down designs for their heavy products. But knock down designs does not support heavyweight, this causes problems. For these kinds of problems, fully welded displays are the best fit.

Also, to ensure that gaps and pieces are well matched for easy installation. Knock-down displays usually need fairly tight tolerance. So, choose the proper structure based on product weight.

Sheet Metal Thickness

Displays made with thick sheet metals are normally come with perfect finishes and smoothness. But, if the metal is thin, it is possible to find undesirable welding marks at the bottom of the sheet metal. Similarly, getting dents easily on these is possible because of thin sheet metals. This leaves a bad effect on the beauty of the display.

Jig Fixture and Tools

Each display needs to control and made with good jig fixtures and tools. Otherwise, there is a possibility of variation in pattern and size for each display. As a result, the parts will not fit together and create assembly problems.

Welds Strength

Poor quality welding can break easily for product weight. Make sure that the welds are good enough to handle the weight of your products. Talk to your manufacturer and verify by yourself that how strong the weld is.

Scratches and Sharp Corners

It is important to make the display surface clean and smooth before powder coating. To do that, pay attention to get rid of the scratches and polish the sharp corners and weld scars. Check if your manufacturer does this or not.

Bulk Sample Assemble Test

Taking an assembled test is necessary. No one wants the assembly issues before surface treatment. So, pick up some raw samples in a bulk. Then try to assemble them to verify if the parts are fit together very well and tight or not.

Surface Finish or Treatment

Be careful while choosing a suitable finish for your POP displays. Because finishes explore the beauty of displays and your products. No matter you choose matte or glossy powder coatings, just examine the finish is perfectly distributed or not. Also, there should be no scratches or stains. Above all, chemically cleaning the metal parts before powder coating is helpful to prevent rust. Assure that your manufacture does this or not.


Low-quality hardware or material can reflect a bad impression easily. Displays made with cheap hardware are not enough strong, bents easily, or sometimes breaks. It does not match the decoration of your thoughts. Even the best finishes can be wasted because of cheap hardware. The use of quality hardware for your POP displays is highly recommended.

Color and Pattern

Matching the colors and patterns of your thoughts is extremely important. Unmatched colors and shades are enough to make your display look poor. Do not consider this term because the exact color will convey your brand message. Similarly, a nice pattern will make your display looks awesome.

Good Packaging

Thin layered cartons are not so able to protect your valued display. The displays will get damaged easily during transportation if the protection is quite good. So, use thicker layer cartons or even wood pallets to protect your displays for safe shipping.


As we promised earlier in this article, we will give you all in one solution. So, here it is, 10 problems 1 solution and that is ALDRICH. Yes, we can fulfill all your needs and requirements for manufacturing your desired POP displays. We are fully capable of handling the above-mentioned issues efficiently. Some of our key factors:

  • We know the importance of hardware for each type of display. We use the best hardware for each of them.
  • Our tools like jig fixtures, welds, etc… are well strong and flexible to do perfect production. Thus we ensure 0% of problems in our products.
  • Even if you have your design in pencil sketch or on your mind, our expert designers can make it real.
  • We assure exact colors, patterns, shades, and finishes with no scratch, dent, or sharp corners.
  • We deliver not only in the local market of China but also all over the world. You will get your product exactly at your doorstep with perfect protection.

ALDRICH is proudly serving services in the display manufacturing field for last the 10 years. We listen to our customers and make their vision into reality. We can be your best ally and a good choice as your display manufacturer. CONTACT US for any query.

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Aldrich designs and manufactures custom point of purchase and retail product displays of all types. Our designers work with you to create the most effective and eye catching display for your product. Your inquiry will be answered within 12 hours.


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