Effective Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Your Next Pop Displays


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Point of purchase (POP) displays is silent killers in a retail shop. They perform their duties very well but no one thinks or understands. However, you’ve to invest a good amount in them. But if you follow this guide properly you can reduce the cost for your next pop display program. Stay tuned until the end.

How Effective Is It To Reduce The Cost Of Next Pop Displays?

Everyone in this world wants to save more money. And the answer to this question is Yes, it’s very effective. Because the money you’ll save this way… you can add it to your capital or you can invest that amount somewhere else to make good revenue. Also, you can purchase let’s say 3 pop displays instead of 2 if you save the budget.

There are many ways to reduce your pop display program cost. But you’ve to follow the best ones to get the perfect solution. And that is what you’ll get in this article. We’ve made three different sections of those steps to make it easy for you. Most effective ways to reduce your pop display costs are given below:

1. Think Before Do

Let’s see how you can reduce the pop display cost by pre-planning.

Plan In Advance

Rush jobs are always cost more than you think. Also, there’s a chance of doing mistakes, improper design, and sometimes incomplete products. However, some suppliers charge higher prices for rush work. And you’ve to pay a good amount also for the express delivery process.

That’s why you should plan in advance for your next pop display order program. So, take your time to design and produce the display. Remember one thing; good lead time gives more flexibility to the manufacturer to make your display perfectly.

Choose The Vendor Wisely

You need a good and experienced supplier to get exactly what you want on a tighter budget. Newbie manufacturers can just produce what you’re asking. But pro pop display makers like Aldrich… will not only make high-quality pop displays but also will suggest everything to you… which will reduce the cost of your program.

Pro tip: If you’re thinking to buy pop displays abroad then China would be a wise option. Pop displays from China come with better quality but at a low price.

2.  Choose The Best

Consider these terms to save more money from your next pop display order:

Material Choice

Material is a big factor in display prices. At least basic knowledge of all types of material can help you to save money from the overall cost. Remember, wooden displays are a bit expensive and less durable than metals. Similarly, acrylic and laminate are more expensive than PVC and melamine. So, think of your display structure and duty… then choose the material.

Pro tip: If you’re thinking of a metal display, you can choose wire shelves instead of metal sheets. This is because wire shelves require less material than sheet metal. As a result, less material costs less.

Finish And Color Choice

Try to select regular finishes and colors as much as possible. Some colors and finishes are not always available in the market. For example, chrome finishes are always cost more than powder coatings. So, your vendor can charge more money for that.

Graphics may look very nice but can cost higher. So, put graphics just as much as needed, not a single pixel extra. Read our “display finish choosing” guide to make the concept clearer.

Material Yields

Material yield is also an important thing in display cost. You should consider this when you want sheet goods like PVC board, sheet metal, acrylic, plywood, and MDF. 4’x8’ is the standard size for sheet goods across the world. So, try to calculate and figure out to use the most of a sheet for your shelves and other parts. A perfect calculation will lower the waste of the sheet. Thus, you can reduce the cost.

Increase Order Quantity

Increase your order quantity if you can. For example, you can order pop displays 2 times a year instead of 3 but with more quantity. This will reduce your cost per unit.

Most of the manufacturers like big orders and offers nice discounts on those orders. This is because they can buy many raw materials at a low price and big productions shorten their tooling costs. Don’t forget to think of your inventory holding costs before making big orders.

3. Transport

Don’t forget to think about the shipping and transport. Read on.

Shipping Cost

Most of the peoples just focus on display-making costs and forget about the shipping cost. Shipping charges can change the overall cost dramatically. For example, you have saved some money so far, but your shipping has cost more than you expected. Then at the end of it all, you could not save anything.

So, plan your shipping costs before starts. And if you want to transport on pallet boxes then calculate in advance how many units you can put in a box.

Knock-Down Design

Knock-down design means make a display but with several parts. This is the most beneficial way to reduce a good amount from your shipping. The advantage is knock-down designs need half-space than fully welded displays during shipping. Also, the assembly worker charge is on the supplier. But if it needs more than 15 minutes to assemble then you should redesign it.


Packaging is important to keep the units safe while shipping. Poor packaging can result in damage or scratch on display units. As a result, you’ve to repair or remake it and sometimes need to resend it to the supplier… which means spending more money. So, make sure from your supplier that they do packaging well.


Pop displays, however, are magical things in a retail shop. The more you’ll invest in them the more profit you’ll make. But avoid unnecessary things and using some tricks you can reduce your pop display cost but the profit will be the same.

One more tip, don’t go to inexperienced suppliers. Check Aldrich pop displays and make your decision by seeing their product quality. Most importantly, Aldrich is a pro and experienced pop display maker… that will help you to save more money and get high-quality pop displays on a low budget.

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