Metal Displays vs. Wooden Displays – Which One Is Perfect For You?

Metal Vs Wooden Displays

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Thinking of buying some display racks? read this before confirm your order. If you don’t know the pros and cons of Metal Displays and Wooden Displays then this article is only for you. Choosing the right material is very important and we are here to help you.+

What is Metal Display racks and Wooden Display racks?

As the name implies, Metal Display Racks are made of Metal material and Wooden Displays are made of Wood material. The purpose of using them is to display products in stores or supermarkets. They make it possible for the customers to see the products at a glance they need to purchase.

Every store or business has its own purpose and theme. So, the decision of selecting the best suit material display racks should be concluded according to your individual needs.

What are the advantages?

The advantages of Metal Displays and Wooden Displays are down below:

Metal Displays

  • Made of Metal which is very solid. Bearing capacity is enough strong to good to go.
  • Maintain the design and impression for a long time because they do not get damaged easily.
  • Easy to clean. Simply use your hands with a cloth soaked in water or a dry cloth that is enough to clean, which is very convenient.
  • Composed of various parts so easy to disassemble for comfortable transportations.
  • Perfect for long terms, easy to recycle.

Wooden Displays

  • Offers an elegant and luxurious look. Easily attracts the customers with their inherent beauty. Can adjust with any look or theme of your store.
  • Wooden displays come with awesome textures and various specifications. They are particularly appropriate for showcasing such valuables. They also have the fragrance of trees.
  • Safer because does not have very sharp corners. Even if they bumped, you will not get hurt much.
  • Obviously practical, durable, and strong. Recycling is easier than you think.

What are the Disadvantages?

Here are the disadvantages of Metal and Wooden Displays:

Metal Displays

  • Heavyweight, painful to move.
  • The shipping cost will be higher if it cannot be unscrewed.
  • Repair takes time. Maybe with higher costs.

 Wooden Displays

  • Wood is vulnerable to water. Moisture can damage the wood.
  • Ultraviolet lights can change the color of the wood.
  • Can be scratched or damaged by sharp objects.
  • Wood display stands are more prone to fire that increases the risk of loss.
  • Repairs can be harmful sometimes to their beauty.


Metal Displays Wooden Displays
Cost Less costly. More Expensive
Looks Glossy look. Glorious and luxury look.
Strength Strong. Less strong.
Durability Lasts for a very long time. Lasts less than Metal.
Color A wide selection of different colors. Less selection
Design More flexible Less flexible

Till now, we have enough discussion about the advantages, disadvantages, and differences between Metal Displays and Wooden displays. Now let’s jump to the most important part.

Choose The Perfect Material For Your Different Needs:

Each material has a specialty of its own. Similarly, not all the elements are perfect for all needs. So, you have to think and choose the best one for your purposes. Let me help you, consider the below 6 things before you make the final decision:

1. Cost:

From general knowledge, we can say that more durable and long-lasting things are costly. But, if you compare Metal and Wood Displays then Wood displays are expensive than Metals. Maybe the reason is, perfect materials for wooden displays are hard to get. On other hand, metals are easy to get. Trouble behind making can also be a reason.

When calculating the budget, look at your needs and turnaround time of sale. If you are a fancy person and want to give your store a classy look then wooden displays are a perfect choice. But, if you want a very long-lasting display on a budget then Metals displays are the best suit.

2. Duration:

Consider the time, how long you will use the display. If you are preparing for events or weekly sales promotions then picking up the temporary displays would be the best option. But, if you are a shop or supermarket owner then Wooden or Metal Displays would be a good fit.

Wood is a flexible material. That can be used for POP displays, either semi-permanent or permanent. Metal displays with sufficient care will last for many years. They are ideal for in-store displays in the long run.

3. Assembly/ Moving:

Nothing is permanent in our life. Similarly, the decoration and attachments may also need to be changed in your store. Or, sometimes you may need to shift to another place. So, the ease of movement of your displays is necessary.

If your chosen display allows you to disassemble it, that would be perfect for shifting. But for in-store alignment, the less weight the better. The decision should be dependent on the ratio of your display movement.

4. Environmental Impact:

The Environment is very important to keep the displays in good condition. I have told you before, water can easily damage woods. Similarly, places contain so much moisture can be harmful to Wooden Displays. In this situation, Metal Displays would be the proper choice. They are made of metal so there will be NO harm.

5. Product Variations:

Not everything looks good in all displays. You need to set the proper display for the proper product.  For example, if you’re placing beverages in the magazine displays, that would look very weird. These types of mistakes can create bad impressions for your customers too.

6. Type of Your Business and Product:

Think of the products you are selling and the type of your business. It’s important to keep the theme and traditional touch in your displays. Let me pick up an example. If you are selling books then Wooden displays are the preferred option. Maybe you have noticed that libraries are always using wood displays to keep the books.

Again, for beverage or wine sellers, I think Metal displays would be the best fit. These are just examples for you; the main decision is up to your thinking.

To conclude:

In conclusion, whether it is Metal displays or Wooden displays, they all have the irreplaceable benefits of the other side. You are not going to change displays again and again per sure. So, take time to think and make the perfect decision.

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