How to clean the display racks and store fixtures?

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As we all know, everything needs maintenance, and the display stand is no exception. We often clean and maintain the display racks to keep them shiny. However, you may not know that some wrong cleaning and maintenance methods can make the display rack clean for the time being, but actually cause potential damage to the display rack, and your display rack will have irreparable problems and backfire. The following will tell you several problems that are easy to appear in the maintenance of the display stand and the ways to avoid them, hoping to be helpful to the majority of consumers. 

1. The rag must be clean. 

When cleaning and maintaining the display rack, you must first make sure that the rag used is clean. After cleaning or wiping off the dust, be sure to turn it over or change to a clean dishcloth before using it. Don’t be lazy and reuse the dirty side over and over again, which will only make the dirt rub repeatedly on the surface of commercial furniture and damage the glossy surface of the display rack. 

2. Nursing agent selection. 

In order to maintain the original brightness of the display fixtures, there are two kinds of display rack maintenance products: nursing wax spray and cleaning maintenance agent. The former is mainly aimed at display racks of all kinds of wood, polyester, paint, fireproof glue board and other materials, and has two different fresh fragrances of jasmine and lemon. The latter is suitable for all kinds of solid wood display racks, such as wood, glass, synthetic wood or mellow board, especially for display racks of mixed materials. Therefore, if you can use care products with both cleaning and nursing effects, you can save a lot of valuable time. 

Before using the nursing wax spray and cleaning and maintenance agent, it is best to shake it well, and then hold the spray can at an angle of 45 degrees, so that the liquid composition in the tank can be completely released without losing pressure. After that, spray gently against the dry rag at a distance of about 15 centimeters, so as to wipe commercial furniture, which will have a good cleaning and maintenance effect. In addition, after using the dishcloth, be sure to wash it and dry it. As for the display racks with cloth materials, such as cloth sofas and leisure cushions, you can use cleaning and maintenance agents for cleaning carpets. When in use, first use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust, and then spray a small amount of carpet cleaner on the wet cloth to wipe. 

3. Paint watermark removal. 

There is often a circle of annoying watermarks on the painted table that leaves wet teacups. How can you get rid of them quickly? You can spread a clean wet cloth on the watermark on the table and iron it with an iron at a lower temperature so that the moisture seeping into the paint film evaporates and the watermark disappears. However, when using this method, the dishcloth used should not be too thin, and the temperature of the iron should not be set too high. Otherwise, the watermark on the desktop will disappear, but the brand can no longer be removed. 

4. Maintenance of display rack. 

The display rack has the characteristics of durability and durability. Generally speaking, daily wear and tear can make it more quaint, but this does not mean that iron shelves do not need maintenance. Because of the particularity of its material and technology, the iron exhibition shelf has some special features in its maintenance and maintenance. 

Outdoor metal display rack. 
Outdoor metal display rack in the selection of materials are required to achieve anti-rust, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, exposure resistance and so on. Generally speaking, in the production process, manufacturers have taken into account the characteristics of the outdoor environment, so users only need to identify well-known manufacturers when choosing and purchase, and do not want to buy some unqualified ones cheaply. But the following must be done: 

1. Dust removal. 

There is a lot of dust outdoors, for a long time, there will be a layer of dust on the surface of the display racks. It will affect the effect and will lead to the damage of the protective film for a long time. Therefore, outdoor metal displays should be wiped regularly, generally with soft cotton fabrics. 

2. Moistureproof. 

In foggy weather, wipe off the droplets on the display rack with a dry cotton cloth; on rainy days, dry the droplets in time after the rain stops. 

indoor metal display rack. 

1. Avoid bumping. 

This is the first thing to pay attention to after purchasing the metal display stands, the display stand should be placed carefully in the process of handling; the place where the stand is placed should be the place where the hard objects do not often touch; once the place is selected, it should not change frequently; the ground where the display stand is placed should also be kept flat to make the four legs of the exhibition shelf-stable. If it is shaky and unstable, it will cause slight deformation of the display stand for a long time and affect the service life of the stand. 

2. Clean dust removal. 

It is best to choose pure cotton knitwear as a rag to wipe the surface. Pay attention to the depressions on the display rack and the dust in the embossed patterns. 

3. Stay away from acids and bases. 

The acid and base which can corrode iron is the “number one killer” of metal display stands. If acid (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar) and alkali (such as methyl alkali, soapy water, soda water) are inadvertently stained on the iron display, rinse the dirt with clean water immediately and dry it with a dry cotton cloth. 

4. Stay away from the sun. 

The position of the display rack is best to avoid the direct sunlight outside the window. When the metal display stand is exposed to the sun for a long time, the paint will change color; the colored paint layer will crack and peel off, and the metal will be oxidized and deteriorated. If you encounter strong sunshine and cannot move the rack, you can use curtains or blinds to cover it. 

5. Keep out the damp. 

Indoor humidity should be maintained within the normal value. The display rack should be far away from the humidifier, dampness will cause metal corrosion, chromium plating will lead to film removal, and so on. When the display rack is clean, do not clean it with boiling water. Wipe it with a wet cloth, but do not rinse it with running water.

6. Remove the rust. 

If the display rack is rusty, don’t take the initiative to polish it with sandpaper. Rust is smaller and shallower, you can use cotton yarn dipped in oil on the rust, wait a moment, wipe with a cloth can eliminate the rust. If the rust has expanded and become heavier, the relevant technicians should be invited to repair it. 

In short, as long as you master the common sense of maintenance and pay attention to the protection of metal display stands in daily life, you can prolong its life and make your carefully selected iron works accompany you for a long time.

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