How to decide a suitable finish of your Custom POP Displays?

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Nowadays, Most of the stores are competing with each other for the best looks of their displays. Displays with awesome finishes always score well and win the race. So, let’s discuss how to choose the perfect finish for your custom POP displays to leave your competitors behind.

What is Finish for Custom POP Displays?

Point of Purchase (POP) displays are displays that carry or promote the merchandise in a store. And the finish of those displays is that we observe from outside at a glance. In other words, the colors, textures, patterns, and designs that we see on a POP display body are known as Finish for that display.

We will conclude all the benchmarks to choose the best-suited finish for your custom POP displays. But, before that, we would like to share some types of finishes with you. Here is what we got.

Types of Custom POP Displays Finishes:

Generally, there are three types of materials available for displays, metal, wood, and acrylic. Similarly, we can divide the finishes for those three materials.

Metal Regular Finishes

There are many types of finishes available for metal POP displays. Here are some popular ones.

  • Powder Coating: This is the most commonly used finish in POP displays. Well known for offering high-quality finishes with a classy and modern touch. Black, white, and silver are top used colors but any color can be made according to the RAL color code.
  • Epoxy Coating: Alternative of powder coating. Made of two liquid components, epoxy resin, and hardener. Looks glossy but durable.
  • Zinc Plating: Made by electrodepositing of zinc onto metals displays. Offers a shiny look to customers. Long-lasting and rust-resistant.
  • Chrome Plating: Chrome plating is a method of electroplating, a thin coating of chromium onto a metal component. Stylish, smooth, corrosion-resistant, and very easy to clean. Satin chrome is an alternative, gives a darker and more artful presence comparing to chrome plating. Consequently, this is a decent choice for a modern look.
  • Nickel Plating: Similar to zinc and chrome plating but the material is nickel this time. The Satin version is quite darker.
  • Gold Plating: Made by gold coating on metals. Provides luxurious shiny looks and bears the beauty of gold. Satin gold plating is kind of obscure compare to the gold plating.

Wood Regular Finishes

  • MDF: Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is a wood composite material. Can be painted in any color. Melamine is perhaps the most popular finish for MDF. Laminate is another good option, a bit expensive but more durable. Both melamine and laminate come in several different colors and textures.
  • Solid Wood: Painting over solid wood is a wise choice if you have a tight budget and still need the wood finish. But, if you need something more then clear coating finish can help you. The clear coating also helps to protect the wood grains and the surface.

Acrylic Regular Finishes

Acrylic delivers elegant touch to your POP displays. Made of fabricated materials or kind of glass. Clear, white, black or any colors are available in acrylic finishes. Best choice for professional and lovely looks.

So, these are some good and popular finishes that you have already read. Now, we will lead you to the destination of choosing a suitable finish for your custom POP displays.

Things to Consider Before Decision

Here are the final steps between you and your desired finishes for POP displays. Think of these below points and then decide.


If we talk about today’s world, attracting customer’s attention is one of the most effective techniques to increase sales. And, this is what finishes of custom POP displays do perfectly. So, start observation from now, read the customer’s mind, think about what they like, etc… After entering your shop, if they don’t have that good impression then there will be less chance of their comeback in the future. So, choose what your customers will love to interact with after seeing that.


Every store or retail shop has its own theme. Think about your theme and select the finish that will explore your brand and message. For example, if you’re selling baby products then having a childish theme in your store would be an advantage. Keeping your brand theme on your POP displays body as finish would be a very good practice. Also, you can print your brand logo on displays. It will convey the message of your professionalism.


With the theme, you need to think about the color as well.  Suppose your brand is nature-related so green is a preferable color for your brand. But, if you choose something peculiar, it will be really weird to see. Matching colors with your brand or theme and with your products will add an awesome presentation and looks for your store. The environment which will create for the match will bring peace to you, your workers, and your customers’ mind per sure.


Not every finish comes with the same price. Basically, plating finishes are a bit expensive than powder coatings. Also, laminates are costlier than the other MDF finishes. Similarly, there are variations in prices for each finish. So, including the above points, it’s important to keep the budget in your mind.

Product Type

No shop owner in this world would like to change or repair their POP display finishes again and again. Think about your product type. One of the many reasons is, products with sharp corners can easily leave scratches on your display finishes. To be safe, think wisely.


Above all, we would like to tell you three more terms you should consider. Those are display position, time frame, and environment. If the finish matches with the other things where the displays will stay then it will be more effective. Consider for much time you will use the finish. Not all but some finishes will get affected by different environments.


Hope we have cleared all your confusion regarding choosing a suitable finish for your custom POP displays. Don’t give a chance to your competitors and stay ahead of them.

Still, if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to CONTACT US. We understand precisely how to design, build, and finish off your desired POP displays with stunning finishes. That will push a new life into your products.

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