8 Benefits of Using Custom Store Fixtures

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Retailers know about store fixtures, but most of them are not familiar with the custom ones. Also, they don’t know the benefits of using custom store fixtures. If they only knew, they would never buy ready-made fixtures again. Let’s discuss it further.

What is a Custom Store Fixture?

Custom means something that allows you to make changes in your own ways. Similarly, custom store fixtures are that fixture which you can customize as you want. To clarify, you can share your preferences, designs, colors, patterns, etc… with your fixture manufacturer. And they will create exactly what you think. Resulted fixtures are custom fixtures.

Why Should Use Custom Store Fixtures?

Firstly, you won’t get the best-fit fixture always for your store. For that, you have to find a shape and size that works. Secondly, you have to look for the material, color, finish, etc… But don’t think so you’ll get those things in one fixture. Till then, you’re no longer in a course of finding a store fixture. Instead, you are simply at your disposal to get the job done.

But, if you choose a Custom store fixture, you’ll get everything in one piece. Also, there are many benefits of using a custom fixture. We will explain that now.

Using Custom displays will help you to bypass the burning process of selecting store fixtures… that fit your brand look, design, and theme without sacrificing the feel that you want for your store.

8 Benefits of Using Custom Store Fixtures

There are many advantages available; we will highlight the top 8 from them. Here we go:

1. Free Size

Readymade fixtures can be a quick and easy solution. But, what are the chances that they would precisely match the dimensions of your store? If they don’t fit well, you have to spend a lot of time to find the suitable one, right? Not actually. Custom store fixtures will give you flexible ways to get the best-fit fixtures for your store.

All you have to do is, share the correct measurement with your fixture manufacturer. But, while choosing the store fixture manufacturer… be sure that the manufacturer can produce custom-made fixtures or not. Hope that any supplier who can produce custom displays can fulfill your wishes.

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2. Independency of Choosing

This is the most beneficial part of custom fixtures. Many times, it often happens that, you like the color of a fixture, again you like the design of another fixture is well… and again you like the pattern or finish of another one. But you want to put them all together. It’s not easy to get all those into one but the custom option can bring that happiness for you.

We, ALDRICH, can do it for you. We will hear from you, everything (preferred material, color, design, finish, etc…) you have in your mind. And bring your imagination to real life.

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3. Quality and Cost

Most of the time, ready-made displays cannot offer the quality that you’re looking for. Some ready-made displays come with very poor quality, which is really not expected. Since you have the independence of choosing everything in custom store fixtures… so the quality is guaranteed here, if the manufacturer doesn’t cheat you.

Where you used to get a poor quality display at a price, now you’re getting a good quality display at the same price. And the beautiful part is, the price is almost the same but the custom product is more durable and efficient than the ready-made one.

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4. Brand Awareness

Since you have access to select items for the fixture, you can easily promote your brand by them. You can print your brand logo on the body of the display. You can add promotional messages, your brand’s tagline, special slogans or quotes for customers, etc… In the same vein, custom displays are very helpful to promote new and seasonal products.

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5. User Friendly

Modern age customers don’t just want good quality merchandise, but also they’re always looking for comfort during shopping. That’s where custom displays come to play. They offer a wide and open interface to the customers to interact with. There is no difficulty in picking up and return anything from the displays. Also, they don’t need any help to communicate with the customers.

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6. Attention Grabber

Custom Store fixtures are always been good at grabbing customers’ attention. When you choose the design and colors… and add your creativity, then it will become more attractive. They stand out from all other item shelves in your shop as these store fixtures are specially designed. This means they are different from other regular stands in your store. And different things always catch everyone’s eye.

7. Sales Boost

When you’re trying your best to make your store as appealing as possible…do you think that all of these are useless? NO, it’s not. Because of your unique and fascinating stands, you’ll get more traffic day-by-day. As a result, your store will generate more sales.

Certainly, we all know that custom fixtures hold merchandise and some signs to promote the merchandise. Do you know that merchandise with a sign generates 20 percent more sales than without a sign? And that’s what custom store fixtures do.

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8. Repair and Cleaning

This is again a nice part for custom-made displays. They do not require regular maintenance and cleaning. Stands like these are stronger than ready-made ones. So it is less likely to be easily damaged. However, if they are damaged in any way, it’s not hard to fix them.

Since custom displays have an open interface, you can clean them without any hassle. All you need to do is, pick a piece of cloth, soak in the water and gently wipe it. That’d be enough.


Custom store fixtures always play an important role in retail stores. But retailers who don’t know about it are being deprived of its benefits. We don’t want that to happen to you. So, from now, don’t sacrifice your choices, get the display of your dream.

Aldrich can help you better with that. All kinds of materials, finishes, patterns, colors, etc … are available in our factory to make the custom-made fixture of your imagination. Contact Us for any information.

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