5 Things To Consider For Choosing A Good Store Fixture Supplier

5 Tips To Find A Good Store Fixture Supplier

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Selecting the right store fixture supplier was never been so easy. As the owner of a retail store, you have to choose the appropriate fixture supplier for your business. Here in this article, we will walk through 5 steps to make it easy for you.  

Why it is important to choose a good store fixture supplier?

As the owner of a retail store, you may already know the importance of a good store fixture. But getting a good one is only possible when your supplier is professional. If your supplier is not able to fulfill all your needs then it may cause you business losses. So, pay attention while choosing the store fixture supplier for your business.

We have researched a lot and listed down some prior benchmarks. This is will clear all the things that are messing around inside your head… for the question “How can I select the perfect fixture supplier for my business/store”. So, the 5 steps are right down on your next scroll:

Step 1: Where To Find?

Finding store fixture suppliers is not so hard in this era. There are many ways to find them. The 2 most easiest and proficient ways are down below.

Online Search

The internet is now in our hands. We can easily find anything using search engines. All you have to do is, pick up your mobile or sit before your computer. Then type “store fixture supplier” (add preferred location name, if any) on any search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc… And you will find a relevant list of fixture suppliers.  

Friends, Relatives, or Neighbors

This would be a better option than an online search. If any of your friends, relatives, neighbors, or familiar person is a retailer. And he/she has bought some good fixtures recently. You can simply ask them from whom did they get that. Thus you can also learn everything about the supplier.

Step 2: Know More About Them

Since you got the names or list of some fixture suppliers. Now, it’s time to learn more about them. Analyze every pros and cons to select the best one. Here is how you can do a deep analysis of them.

On-site Visit

Nothing can explain a thing better than face-to-face or live observation of the factory. From your list of names, try to find out the locations of those suppliers. After that, if it’s possible then go there physically and inspect everything manually. Having a face-to-face conversation and physical observation will help you to do better analysis.

Engineering Service

Engineering is like salt in a curry. You won’t see it but it impacts a lot. Similarly, you won’t see the engineering here but it does a lot from the behind. Every fixture supplier must have good engineering services. Otherwise, the products would not be able to fulfill your needs. Of course, you don’t want to suffer after making the deal or decorate your store with those fixtures, right?


Designers are work as dream builders. Sometimes there is only a concept in your head or a pencil sketch. Without accurate details, the products cannot come out perfectly. This is what designers do; they make your concepts real. Designers are responsible to make unique designs for each type of fixture and exploring new ideas. Ask your vendor to see if they can do it for you or not.

Tools and Equipment

Tools and equipment that are used to make the fixtures need to be good and enough strong. Low-quality tools cannot produce the perfect shape of fixtures. The components may not match together and will cause problems with assembly. So, don’t forget to check this out.

Custom Options

For instance, let’s say you are looking for some readymade fixture, some custom-made fixture, or a combination of both. Not every store fixture supplier offers custom options. For a few retailers, it can become a deal killer. Again, let’ assume you need just readymade for now. But what if in the future you need some custom made fixtures or combination fixtures? Would you look for another supplier? We know it’s hard and you don’t want this trouble. So, take your time and decide wisely.


There are two things you need to check for material. Firstly, check how many types of material they are offering. It would be great if the same supplier provides all types of materials. Secondly, investigate the quality of those materials. Yes, quality matters a lot. Nobody in this world would accept the low-quality material in return for his investment.

Lead Time

Lead time means the time a supplier needs to produce and deliver the fixtures. If you have urgency then local suppliers would be a good choice. If not then you can also look at the suppliers from other countries. Ask the supplier how much time they take for production, shipping, etc.

MOQ Requirement

Verify the supplier have MOQ requirement or not. Many materials and hardware will have a MOQ. For example, if you are willing to buy about 50pcs for your project. You need to confirm from your supplier to certify they are available or not.

Regular Problems

Each type of fixture has some unique problems. These problems are common. To avoid those issues, check endurance, sheet metal thickness, scratches and sharp corners, colors, and patterns, etc.

To know more, read our previous article “10 Regular Problems and Solutions of POP Displays”.

Buy a Sample

If you are looking to make a huge deal with the supplier then wait a minute. Don’t rush. Our suggestion is, buy a sample before making the big deal and buy 100s of fixtures. To be safe, buy a sample product and test the quality. Isn’t it better to check before buying than to regret after buying?

Step 3: Pricing

Price is one of the core factors in procurement. Including all the mentioned points, you also need to quest for the price. Sometimes everything goes well but the price range is too high for your budget. Again reversely, some suppliers offer fixtures at very low prices.

First of all, suppliers who offer lower prices are not recommended. Maybe their fixtures are not so good or there is any other issue. Secondly, try to figure this out within your budget. Don’t forget to ask for a discount.

Step 4: Distribution

The overall shipping or delivery process determines the professionalism of a supplier. Remember, Professional fixture suppliers, deliver like PRO.


Take a look at their shipping process. How they bind the fixtures, what type of covers they are using to protect the fixture during delivery, etc… This is really important, because sometimes fixtures may break or get bent because of careless shipping.

Door to Door Service

Not every supplier offers door-to-door service but some do. Receive the fixtures from another place is irritating. Also, there is likely a chance to get damaged. So, frequently ask the supplier that do they take the responsibility to deliver the fixtures exactly where you want or not.  


Installation is not a difficult task but installation by professionals is a plus point. Maybe you and your workers are not so expert in assembling the fixtures. What will you do if the supplier just delivers and leave? Make sure if they do the installation or not.

Step 5: Final Step

After completing the above 4 steps, you may have a few names left in your hand. So, let’s jump to the final step and help you to conclude the whole thing.

Warranty and Maintenance

Since you are making a deal and investing your money. So, you deserve a warranty for the fixtures. Improper suppliers may not agree to a warranty. But dedicated suppliers, who provide their best, are not afraid to give a warranty. They have confidence in their product. This is how you can determine the supplier is a fraud or not.

Learn about their maintenance policy as well. If they offer free maintenance, even for a certain period, that’d be a huge plus.

Return Policy

Most of the fixture suppliers are not offer a return policy. Some of them offer maintenance instead of return, some take it back and some reject it directly. Let’s say you have noticed a defect or any kind of problem in the fixtures. Now you want to return that particular fixture. What if they refuse to take it? Would be disappointing, right? To avoid this kind of irritations, make sure to ask them about their return policy.

Reputation and Loyalty

This is probably the most important point. Everyone knows that only good persons or good companies are reputed well in society. The best way is, talk to the previous customers of that supplier which you’ve selected. Thus you will know about their service and everything you need to know.

Make a table with those benchmarks and start the process now. Whoever scores higher with the most positive checkmarks, will win.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one store fixture supplier and also do not have much time to find out. Then we, ALDRICH, are ready and would be happy to serve you. We cover all the mentioned things and able to fulfill all your needs. Don’t hesitate to CONTACT US. Ask anything you want.

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