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Not only we are good at producing Custom POP Displays and Store Fixtures, but also our blog posts are sharing industry knowledge at a high level, these knowledge are not to be missed.

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7 Benefits of Cake Display Stand

In the world of baking and confectionery, presentation is just as important as taste. This is where a cake display stand comes into play. Not only do these stands add elegance to your creations, but they also have several practical benefits.

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Daily Production 2023-11-21

Today is Nov. 21st. 2023. We are working a project to load the container next Monday, our workers are busy to weld all the parts together into final shape, then polsih and powder coated them in our powder coating line. We will do the inspection this Thursday and pack them into box and make sure it all comes out in good quality before loading into container next Monday.

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Daily Production 2023-11-20

This week, we are quite busy with many custom POP display and store fixture new projects and orders, these orders are quite urgent and require to ship to our customers before end of this month. They will use these new parts to replace old parts in the stores to welcome the Christmas.

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